Eyelids for my Bishi
...in progress.

They will fix to the headlight top bolts

Im using a new product called Q-cell. It comes as a very lightweight fairing powder and you mix the desired resin ratio yourself. Its easier to mix only needing 1 catalyst type, the product is designed to milkshake, its heaps cheaper and I find sanding is much easier compared to the automotive body fillers. Id have to admit this stuff shits all over rage gold. This box makes over 2 gallons of milkshake and is only $30.

Holes drilled, bolts in.

I miss working on the small projects, ive only spent about 2 hours on this so far and they are almost paint ready, its great.

Thanks. High build primer on today got some pinholes out then another coat of primer. Ordered some of the factory metallic blue lacquer from a local bishi dealer along with some clear coat, they should come out pretty nice. Ill be molding these when there done.

The (half ripped) other side of the q-cell box for those that are interested.

Lacquer and thinners arrived. Top coats on.



Still wetsand and clear coat to go, but thats it for this thread, its finished. Im going to take a mold of these next year, ill post up some pics of that in here too.

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I forgot to keep up with this thread. Those came out VERY NICE! The fitment looks great and the color match is perfect. Is that the first time you ever sprayed paint?
yeah... kinda. Thats the first time ive sprayed automotive paint. I spray high build and cheap top coat all the time tho.

Here are some of the molding pics to those interested.

I used the glass window of a car door(im planing to mold later) as a base for this mold.

filled gaps from the lids to the glass with clay.

tool gelcoat

3 layers of gelcoat, the 3rd with talc in to thicken it to a paste to take the edges off.

glassing it out

pulled and removed. Cleaned up ready to go.